- Hopper with manual system for the unload of green coffee beans in the drum.
- Non perforated thick walls (12-15mm) cast iron roasting drum with back perforated wall (hot air roasting technology).  Exclusive shovels Blades design for excellent movement of the coffee to ensure uniform roast and superb roasting color result.
- Heat generator equipped with our "Adjustable Flame Height"  low cost energy conservation and with safety accessories design in according to CE standards.
- Easy control by glass window, sample tube, 2 analog termometers and digital termometer control in the drum.
- For liquid propane gas (LPG) or natural gas.
- Build in our exclusive shaft collector system to collect small coffee parchment film (Front drum)
- Build in efficient cyclone to separate and collect coffee parchment skin.
- Large cooling tank with rotating arms/stirring blades for quick and perfect cooling to lock the coffee aroma.
- High quality ceramic fibers for good thermal insulation to ensure operation safety and to ensure low consumptions of gas.
- Complete electrical control box design in according to CE standards.
- High quality blower motors and gear box.
- Low maintenance.
- Low noise machine.
- Ready build for optional equipments such as Destoner, Afterburner and Pneumatic green beans    transporter ...
- Custom color paint per customer order request.
- Models with capacity option from 5 kgs to 60 kgs per batch. 
- Contact us for current pricing.