Vietnam produces many types of coffee beans. One of the finest arabica bean come from CentroFarmsTM Estate Plantations in the highland of Dalat where high altitude, ideal soil and climate, advanced growing and processing techniques help produce the region’s finest coffee.

This coffee is roasted to perfection under US strict quality guidelines, then immediately vacuum sealed for guaranteed freshness.

The result is a remarkably rich and smooth coffee, yet bold in character and complexity. An exceptionally rare treat for the discriminating coffee drinkers!

CentroFarmsTM Coffee is 100% pure coffee with no preservatives or additives added.

  • CentroFarmsTM Dark French Roast 11 oz. Can
  • CentroFarmsTM Dark French Roast 200g Foil Bag
  • CentroFarmsTM Dark French Roast 50g Foil Bag
  • CentroFarmsTM Dark French Roast 1kg Whole Roasted Bean